Mamasafi is a popular Swahili word used to refer to a freelance laundry service providing woman in Kenya. We are a company that links clients in need of home cleaning services to their local area Mamasafi.

With over 500+ professionally selected, vetted and trained Mamasafis in Nairobi, we seamlessly link the best qualified Mamasafi in your area to your home. We provide affordable, quality, convenient and secure cleaning services for clients at the luxury of their homes.

A quick and easy request through our website makes the client only a tap away from our services. This saves time and resources needed by the client to link with a local Mamasafi on their own.

See how it works HERE

Each Mamasafi has a specific code that uniquely identifies them, called a Mamacode. A Mamacode is used for repeat requests of the same Mamasafi. If a client was happy and satisfied by the services of a previous Mamasafi they are easily able to request for the same lady through her Mamacode.



Our prices are pocket friendly and negotiable.


From the comfort of your home, a Mamasafi is dropped at your doorstep in a span of 10-30 minutes.


Our personnel is carefully selected vetted, through background checks and trained by professionals.


Our convenience saves you money, time & energy.

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