What is Mamasafi For Charity?

Mamasafi for charity is an initiative by Mamasafi where we partner with organizations that make the most meaningful impact in the community. By volunteering time, sharing our technology and finding great partners, we team up with non-profits and help make people’s lives better in the communities we serve. We help underserved populations, particularly women, move towards economic empowerment and inclusion through access to education, career training and other opportunities.

How can I make a donation?

Donations can be made through:

  • Paypal or Debit/Credit card Donations Click Here

  • M-Pesa Till Number - Lipa na M-Pesa - Buy Goods and Services – Till number 315340.

Donation channels to other partnered campaigns can be found in their respective tabs.

COVID-19 Basket of Hope

The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected the livelihoods of many across the world. The stringent measures governments have put up to combat the global pandemic by restricting movement and individual citizens’ precautionary measures to combat and reduce infections has affected the jobs of more than 2 million women who offer freelance laundry and home cleaning services, popularly referred to as Mama Fua in Kenya, resulting to most of them not getting their daily gig jobs and sleeping hungry.

Mamasafi together with Center for Livelihood Advancement (CFLA) and her partners have come together with the #BasketOfHope campaign that is going to see us, with your help, share hope and love with the needy of the neediest of Mama Fuas.

Help us fill a Basket of Hope for a Mama Fua and her family. Ksh.2100 ($21) will feed a family of 5 for a week. Let us contribute the little we can. Donations to the COVID-19 Basket of Hope campaign can be made through:
  • Mpesa - Lipa na Mpesa - Paybill number - 7140817 - Account - Mama Safi
  • For Paypal or debit/credit cards donation Click here.


Coming soon.

Coming soon.

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